For the first painting of this series Iíve painted the classic image of Jesus on the Cross, however, this painting is not so much about Jesus as it is about his Mother. One of my favourite subjects to paint is what I call Mother-Love, which is the 2nd in this series, and my point here is, what is the worse thing that could happen to that Mother? The painting is about forgiveness. Jesus forgiving, his Mother forgiving the murderers of her son, here there is also the youngest of the 12 apostles, the other 11 are represented as stones at the bottom of the cross, all asking forgiveness, and lastly there is a white bird, a symbol of my deceased father who is also giving his forgiveness. So I suppose Iím asking a question, has forgiveness a value today? Are we, like these people were, capable of true forgiveness? It is my hope that while looking at this painting the viewer realises that whatever the difficulties of modern life, for example, losing a child to a paedophile, or war or drugs, without being able to forgive we cannot move on and our lives not only lose in quality but also itís essence.





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