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I began this painting on the 30th of August, 2007 and finished it on the 2nd of October, 2007. It is an oil on canvas measuring 80cm x 120cm. This is the third in a series of paintings of this particular flower which I had begun in 2004, while I was pregant, and again in 2006. I love these paintings so much because the subject matter is a blossoming flower, something which in this moment of my life makes a lot of sense to me. I took this subject up again after three years because I wanted to see the changes and the differences from 2004. The colours in fact have completely changed, they are now stronger and more powerful and there is much more movement within the painting. This simply reflects the changes in my life where there is indeed much more movement, however, the flower is still blossoming.

Oil painting 2007
Oil on canvas
80 cm x 120 cm

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