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CALLAS No.4 (2007)

I started this painting on the 5th of October, 2007 and finished it on the 30th of October, 2007. It is an oil on canvas and measures 70cm x 100cm. This is the fourth time I have painted the Callas and the difference between this one and the others is that the lines here are now cleaner and the colours are stronger. Thanks to subjects like this my art is often compared to that of Georgia O'Keeffe. I take this as a compliment because she was truly a great artist and I suppose that in some way I am inspired by her. However, since I consider myself a Byzantine artist I concentrate more on the spiritual aspects and less on the sensual as she did. There is an obvious erotic element in the Callas, but I compare my painting of it to another of my paintings which is a Byzantine Icon called “Mother-Love” in which two spirits are clearly represented, and for me so does this Callas.

Oil painting 2007
Oil on canvas
70 cm x 100 cm

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