About the Artist

Marinellla is a true international, she speaks five languages. She was born and brought up in Zurich, Switzerland the 8th of March 1975 where she learnt to speak German, at home she spoke Italian with her father and Greek with her mother. Went to schools in Zurich. Studied Greek Icons in Crete in 1998. Marinella discovered art at home, both her parents were capable of producing traditional handworks of their native islands, her father, Salvatore Canzoniere, was from Sicily and her mother Maria Papadogeorgaki is from Crete. That fine line which divides the artisan from the artist was discovered and broken. She paints as a carpenter would build a chair or a sewer would make a new bed cover, with the same intention and capability. On close observation of her works, you can immediately appreciate the incredible fine brush work, the colors are applied in such a way as to suggest movement, and it takes great skill to achieve such results. We call them “works of art”, well watching Marinella while she is painting really is watching an artist at work. For her art is work. Here we are not in the presence of an artist in crisis, either personal or philosophical. Her paintings do not put in discussion questions about art, as have so many artists over the past century. After experimenting with many styles and techniques Marinella has found her own way. Talent seems to be a quality relegated to a second class painter in an age where the concept is more important. Here we are in the presence of talent, the ability to paint, the ability to express oneself through painting. If we are looking back into the history of art to find someone with whom Marinella’s painting can be compared, then the most obvious answer is that of one of the very few woman artists to emerge in a mainly male dominated century of art, the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Although it is true that there have been many great female artists, it is also true that we are not used to the creativity and fantasy of the woman artist. Not only the subject but also the technique of the woman artist is different. Marinella learnt to paint Icons from a Romanian Nun in a Convent in Crete. Once more, on close examination you realise not only the precision that these painting require, but her natural talent for colors. In both the Icons and Floral Oil Paintings Marinella paints symbols for eternal messages, such as maternal Love, Peace and a general sense of well-being.

Today she lives in the south of Switzerland, in Bellinzona and in the summer season in Crete, with her English husband and their two children.

Prof. Zoe Zauartes